Torrefied Wood Pellets  
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Torrefied Wood Pellets

Inventive Resources, Inc. is in the design and development stages of building a pilot biomass torrefaction processing plant. Current design is for laboratory size production rates for testing and evaluation. Later pilot designs include production rates or 3 tons per hour and up to one ton of processed fuel per minute.

CNFbiofuel pellets

Made from biomass*, in pellet form, that has all the positive qualities required to finally help solve our energy and pollution problems.

CNFbiofuel is a clean burning product that was once wood, but processed in a unique way that removes virtually all the water and polluting volatile organic compounds before combustion.

The wood is processed in a proprietary manner that changes the chemistry and structure of the wood into a friable material that has a high carbon content that can be used with coal or to replace coal.

Every ton of carbon in CNFbiofuel used will keep 3.6 tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel out of our air. CNFbiofuel is resistant to water absorption and can be stored indefinitely without decay.

*Biomass includes all forms of plant matter such as grasses, trees, agricultural prunings and waste, animal waste, forest debris, algae, lumber waste, paper pulp etc. Dry wood may have a heat content of 8,000 Btu/pound. CNF torrefied wood may have a heat content of 10,000 Btu/pound.

Torrefaction processing plant


At high temperatures an endothermic reaction changes the structural and chemical composition of biomass.

Torrefaction Graph Energy Density VS Time Temperature


New patent pending process changes biomass into the perfect solid fuel.

Torrefied Wood Processing Plant Flow Chart


CNFbiofuel has the potential to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels.


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